Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fashion Trend: Jumpsuits

Since the award shows, I've noticed a trend with jumpsuits. Now I see them all over the stores.  I am one for comfortable were especially during the spring and summer times.  Jumpsuits are my summer staple next to maxi dresses.  Here are some of my favorite styles that I spotted while during my shopping spree.  

I love the prints on this jumpsuit from GoJane.com.

This Forever 21 Jumpsuit puts a spin on the traditional jumpsuit.  It's the perfect jumpsuit to wear at the office with a nice pastel colored blazer.

I love all things vintage and classic.  This halter jumpsuit from Forever 21 puts some class in the office.

These two printed Go Jane Jumpsuits are perfect for any vacation.  

I love this H&M jumpsuit.  Not only does it have a classy look to it but it brings some funk with a pop of color.  Love it.  The perfect piece to make a statement.

These three are from Go Jane again.  There are so beautiful and can be worn day or night.  

What do you think?  What are some of you favorite spring trends?

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